Tuition Fees

Bachelor’s Degree Program:
EUR 6.300,- per semester

Master’s Degree Programme:
EUR 6.830,- per semester

Tuition payment is due at commencement of term, or can be paid on a monthly schedule.

Enrollment fee:
A non-refundable payment of € 500,- is necessary to secure the enrollment procedure.

Tuition fees include:

1. Theoretical coursework
2. Major share of costs for self-awareness training
3. Supervision
4. Practical training at the University Outpatient Clinic
5. Examination fees

Tuition fees are charged for the standard programme duration (Bachelor’s Degree: 6 semesters, Master’s Degree: 4 semesters, Doctoral Programme 6 Semesters).
The total costs of studying at SFU will not increase in case a student’s studies are extended by one year.