Academic Calendar

Academic Year 2016/17 Psychotherapy Science

Winter term 2016/17:
Time for inscription: 1st of June till 15th of October 2016
Semester starts: 1st of September 2016
Lecture starts: 1st of October 2016
Christmas break: 23rd of December 2016 till 8th of January 2017
Semester ends: 31st of January 2017

Summer term 2017:
Time for inscription: 1st of December 2016 till 31st of January 2017
Semester starts: 1st of February 2017
Lecture break: 4th of February till 11th of February 2017
Lecture starts: 13th of February 2017
Easter break: 8th of April till 18th of April 2017
Mini-Break: 3rd of June till 6th of June 2017
Semester Ends: 8th of July 2017
Summer break: 9th of July till 31st of August 2017