Examination Regulations

SFU-Examination_Regulations (pdf)

Exam Schedule

Here is the current exam schedule for the English Language programme, changes and additions are being updated here regularly.

Exam Schedule SS 2017 dates (pdf)

Here you can find a description of how we plan and offer the exams (how often for each class, etc.)
We will now introduce examination weeks for you, to help you better organize exam dates and to assure timely announcement and fast grading!
This is how it works:
– You get 3 chances to pass a class successfully if it is a LECT, PS or SE.
– Each teacher has the right to choose one of four examination modalities, which will be communicated to you during the first appointment of the class: oral exam, written exam, written essay, or presentations during class.
– For the written exams (only) we will offer examination weeks:
– – – WEEK 1: First chance to pass: in the end of the current semester (in which you attended the class)
– – – WEEK 2: Second chance: in the beginning of the following semester.
– – – WEEK 3: Third chance: in the end of the following semester.
– You are allowed to enter an examination multiple times (however, the grade of the last attempt will be your final grade) if you should fail one exam