Lecturers – Summer School 2017

in alphabetic order

Inci Ardic
Mag. Inci Ardic is an Istanbul, Bilgi University graduate psychologist. She has lived in Vienna since 2009 where she continued her second bachelors and masters studies in Psychotherapy Science at the Sigmund Freud University.  She is also trained as a psychotherapist in the Integrative Gestalt therapy method. During the past five years she has practiced as a psychotherapist. Through her work as a consultant psychotherapist for an Austrian Health Service psycho-social healthcare institute, she has treated patients coming from culturally and socio-economically diverse backgrounds.  She also treats clients in her private practice.  Her passion for understanding and applying theory lead her to join the staff at the SFU, in winter 2016. The multicultural aspects of psychotherapy are one of the leading focuses of her practice. Her other interests of scholarly research include gaining even deeper insights into the historical, phenomenological and philosophical foundations of psychotherapy schools, specifically of gestalt therapy.

Andy Chicken
Mag. Andy Chicken: information will follow soon

Isabella Deuerlein
Dr. Isabella Deuerlein: information will follow soon

Karl Golling
DDr. Karl Golling: information will follow soon

Martin Jandl
Ass.-Prof. Dr. Martin JANDL is a member of the SFU since 2007, with being fully employed in 2010. In February 2016 he was appointed to the head of the English Programme at the Faculty of Psychotherapy Science of SFU (together with his colleague Emma McNally).
Jandl’s teaching is focused on psychological and philosophical topics, ranging from differential psychology to scientific research methods, and from Hume over Nietzsche to Husserl and Merleau-Ponty.
His research interests are focused on post-Wittgensteinian philosophy and hermeneutic therapy school research (together with his friend and SFU colleague Kurt Greiner), the latter developed in order to giving a strong philosophical fundament to psychotherapy science, but also in order to invent new strategies of reflection within psychotherapy schools (and to have a lot of intellectual fun).

Monika Korber
Dr. Monika Korber: Psychotherapist and Mediator, Systemic Familientherapy, Life- and Social Counsellor; Lecturer at SFU Vienna (since 2010); lecturer at other institutes such as University Institute ARGE Bildungsmanagement (since 2008); Mediation Training Institute IAMS (since 2007); Experience in practice, teaching and research (non exhaustive list): Private practice in Vienna since 1995 and in Lower Austria since 2003; Personality Training BEST (1990 – 1996); Head of a child protection center; möwe, Vienna (1998 – 99); Health and Youth Ombudsoffice in Vienna (KJA); violence against children; (2000-2007); Coaching in organizations and companies; Participation in inter-ministerial working groups; Initiative and implementation of professional mediation in schools in several districts in Vienna together within KJA – association „together“ (2003 – 2005); Many years of expert opinions for the Austrian Health Ministry; International working experience (research, psychosocial field, tourism) in India, European countries etc.

Emma McNally
Mag. MSc. Emma Mcnally, since February 2016, is one of the heads of the English programme for the faculty of Psychotherapy Science in SFU, together with Ass. Prof.Dr Martin Jandl. In addition she is a lecturer in the university, lecturing for a number of years.
Prior to becoming the head of the English programme, she was the former head of the SFU, international psychotherapy outpatient clinic, and helped establish the clinic, developing a focus on multicultural awareness.
Originally from the UK, completing postgraduate study in Forensic Psychology, she a strong research interest in sexual offending behavior and completed training in various institutions abroad. Since living in Vienna for the last 10 years, she has completed psychotherapy training and completed a masters in psychotherapy science and for the past years works as a licensed systemic family therapist in private praxis.
Currently she heads a team of trainees in two projects, working with foreign homeless people and asylum seekers, and has published an article on psychosocial support for asylum seekers.

Gerda Mehta
Dr. Gerda Mehta is a member of the SFU since its foundation. She is the head of the systemic branch of the University, part of the ÖAS – the largest systemic education providing institute in Austria, and a member of the “Psychotherapiebeirat” in the Austrian Ministry of Health. Her education in psychology, clinical psychology, psychotherapy, mediation and supervision took place in Salzburg, Wien, and USA – Memphis and Houston. Mainly she worked in child protection and many other contexts, where society or others feels a need to take care of people- not always to their liking. When the worry can be transformed into motivation, all are happy.

Alfred Pritz
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Alfred Pritz is working as a psychotherapist since 1977; he is trained in Client-Centered Therapy (developed by Carl Rogers), Psychoanalysis, Group Dynamics, Gestalt Therapy and Hypnosis. Furthermore he is a training analyst for individuals and groups since 1987.
Alfred Pritz has been engaged in many national and international research and educational projects and cooperations.
He has been teaching psychotherapists in training at various levels, from different quarters and on many occasions for over 36 years. Alfred Pritz is also the founding father and rector of the Sigmund Freud University, which was accredited in 2005 and keeps expanding and growing (further SFU locations so far: Paris, Linz, Berlin, Milano, Ljubljana).
He is a founding member and president of the World Council for Psychotherapy, as well as a founding member and general secretary of the European Association for Psychotherapy. The first three World Congresses of Psychotherapy in Vienna were organized by him and he was also a co-organizer for the World Congresses in Buenos Aires, Bejing, Sydney and Durban.
He is an active editor and author of various books, book series and professional articles in journals and textbooks.

Max Pritz
Mag. Max Pritz: information will follow soon

Juan José Rios
Dr. Rios Juan José is Training analyst and supervisor for PSI and Sigmund Freud University, currently teaching Sexuality and Sexual Disorders at the SFU.
Mr. Rios is a formal Student of the SFU with competed Doctorat in Scientific Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis. He has an additional formation in trauma therapy, Brainspotting, EMDR (Eye movement desensibilitation and reprocessing), Sexual therapy, Hypnose therapy as well as Theology and pedagogy.

Brigitte Sindelar
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Brigitte Sindelar is a member of the SFU from its very beginning. She is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist (Individual Psychology). Her core theme is psychotherapy with children and adolescents and clinical-psychological diagnostic and treatment of learning disabilities.
Sindelar is giving lectures at the faculty for Psychotherapy Science, is a training analyst, supervisor and deputy head of the psychotherapeutic modality of Individual Psychology (Adlerian Psychology) and head of the institute and the further training program for child and adolescent psychotherapy. In 2012 Sindelar was appointed to Vice Rector for Research and head of the ethic commission.
Her research interests are focused on various topics within the field of developmental psychopathology and psychotherapeutic treatment of children and adolescents joined with the role of education for mental health of children.

Harald Tichy
Mag. Harald Erik Tichy is a member of the SFU since 2010. He is a person-centred psychotherapist, a long term practitioner of Buddhist meditation in the Theravada tradition, a Yoga teacher, and teaches Buddhist Satipaṭṭhāna meditation and secularised versions like MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) and MBCT (Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy). Besides lecturing at the SFU he has been teaching at the University of Vienna, the University of Krems and various other institutions.
At the SFU Tichy has been teaching person-centred psychotherapy and self-awareness classes.  Next winter semester 2017 he shall lead the two-year university course „Mindfulness in Medical and Psychosocial Professions“. His research interests are focussed on the dialogue between psychotherapy and Buddhist psychology. Currently he is writing a doctoral dissertation in psychotherapy science about first beginnings of a theory of meditation in the person-centred approach.

Hermann Wegscheider
Dr. Hermann Wegscheider: information will follow soon

Thomas Wenzel
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Wenzel, Psychiatrist, psychotherapist. Long-standing experience in research and treatment of victims of traumatic stress, including refugees and torture survivors and in transcultural therapy. Served as medical director of the International Rehabilitation Council for torture survivors (IRCT), as chair of the World Psychiatric Association Section on sequels to torture and persecution, chair WCP/EAP working group on refugees and pluricultural therapies, for Hemayat and Wellcome Treatment centers. Teaching culture sensitive treatment and international standards in assessment in a number of international projects, coordinator ARTIP project for torture survivors, collaboration with UNHCR, UNICEF and other NGOs.